Zimbabwe - Super Soccer Stars in Zimbabwe
Photo: Super Soccer Stars in Zimbabwe


Super Soccer Stars partnered with United States-Africa Children’s Fellowship – USACF and Round Star Foundation to bring the joy of soccer to unprivileged children in Africa. In 2010, 2012, and 2013 teams of Super Soccer Stars coaches led dynamic soccer clinics for hundreds of children and school teachers in rural Zimbabwe and provided donations of soccer equipment for the local community. We are committed to using soccer as the vehicle to build leadership skills, enhance self-confidence, and empower youth to make positive contributions to their communities.

Super Soccer Stars' Trip to Rural Zimbabwe

A recap of our trip to Zimbabwe in July 2012

About the Program:

In 2009, Super Soccer Stars announced a partnership with the US-Africa Children’s Fellowship (USACF). USACF is a non-profit organization which unites the United States with children from impoverished African nations to develop cross-cultural relationships, support and participation.

We’ve collected thousands of Super Soccer Stars t-shirts through our annual T-Shirt Drive for Africa. This summer, we’re hosting our 3rd Annual T-Shirt Drive. The t-shirts, along with Super Soccer Stars balls, nets, cones and more, will be taken directly to Zimbabwe by a delegation of coaches in early July.

In rural Zimbabwe
Photo: In rural Zimbabwe