Camp FAQ

What are the requirements for each family to participate?

We ask that all children wear a mask to and from class, as well as during downtimes. Any caregiver or parent must wear a mask the entire time. Only one person may accompany each child in class in order to limit exposure. Additionally, each child will be required to bring their own soccer ball to class each week.

What size Soccer ball do I need?

The size soccer ball you’ll need for camp or class is dependent on your child’s age.

Size 5 (Adult/Professional): ages 12 and older
Size 4 (Youth): ages 8-12
Size 3 (Junior): ages 8 and younger

Purchase a Super Soccer Stars Soccer Ball HERE

What if I don’t have my own soccer ball?

You may purchase a ball on our website HERE. If class is less than a week away, please contact our office. We can arrange payment and delivery of a sanitized ball in person at class.

Will my child be able to play if he/she doesn’t have a mask?

All children must wear a mask to and from class, however masks will not be required during active parts of the class as they can interfere with airflow.

Are the locations safe?

All locations have been secured for our use, with an exclusive area identified to ensure physical distancing standards. We have reviewed all sanitization and cleaning protocols with the facility or private entity to ensure they meet our standards. Please let our team know if you see something that you feel is unsafe or problematic, and we will review it immediately.

What happens if someone in the class is sick?

If a member of the class becomes ill, the class will move to a virtual format until more information is available regarding the diagnosis. If a child, parent, coach, or immediate family member becomes ill, we will notify the class so everyone can practice self-quarantine procedures until our team deems it is safe to proceed.

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