Cost: $40/month – Only $10/class!

Class Day: Available 7 days a week

Program Type: Parent & Me, Super Soccer Stars, Soccer Stars United Development

Program Length: 30-45 Mins, age-dependent

Ages: 1 – 12

Limit on Kids/Class: Up to 15

Equipment Recommended: While our coaches may use a soccer ball and cones, they will also suggest a variety of household items that can be used for each lesson

Space Recommended: 5 sqft x 5 sqft

How do I join my class?
Download Zoom (Client for Meetings) to access your class on a computer, tablet or smartphone. No account or profile needed!

Once enrolled, you will receive a Meeting ID and a link to join the class to your provided email address.

Our Soccer Stars @HOME Virtual Classes will take learning to the next level, with fully interactive sessions using Zoom screen share. We literally bring our physical location classes straight to your computer or smart device!  Signup for a class that will run the same day, same time, and with the same coach each week all while in a small group setting of up to 15 kids. You can also request a Private Class for you and a group of friends that fits best with your schedule.

Through our digital classroom, children can see their teammates and work directly with their coach.  You will have the ability to ask direct questions and screen share with the coach for individual instruction.  There will also be an opportunity for your coach to assign activities to keep the fun going after class, like building your own soccer goal box, and beat-the-coach  challenges.

Classes will run 30-45 mins (age-dependent) and will follow our normal class structure, including warmups, stretching exercises, skill intro and progression.  A replay of the class will also be available immediately following each session, so that your soccer star can continuing practicing. Lessons are designed with small spaces in mind – a 5x5ft area is all you need. No equipment, no problem! Coaches suggest items to use that are easily found around the house.

Enhance your Soccer Stars @HOME Virtual Class enrollment by adding our daily Live Stream Channel at a discounted price of $10/month! Add Skills & Drills, Powered by the Famer App at a discounted price of $10/season!

Have more questions, check out our FAQ’s.


Kara H. – Customer, Soccer Stars @HOME

“Hi SSS & Coach Michael!!

We’re so happy to see your face!! I know at home classes are even more chaotic than a room full of toddlers (hard to believe isn’t it) and you don’t think he’s listening (easy to believe) and he’s distracted within 3 minutes (shocker) but…. he loved it!!!! And I loved it too. For the rest of the week, I’ll be hearing “I’m coach Michael” and then I’ll be told to go sit against the wall lol!

Already looking forward to seeing you again next week (or we might upgrade our package to anytime live stream)!”

Nicole – Customer, Soccer Stars Live Stream

“Hey Toby!! Thanks for the daily soccer sessions! The boys are loving it so much and it gives them something to look forward to during this tough situation! Seriously, thank you!!… Thanks again, it’s really been such a great year for both boys. So much growth and development from both and most importantly, they are loving soccer and having fun. See you later on live!”